RealLight proprietary CW lasers include both narrow linewidth and Quasi- wavelength series, available to offer the single or multiple wavelength packaging. Wavelength options: 1064nm, 980nm, 976nm, 940nm, 915nm, 830nm, 808nm, 785nm, 784nm, 650nm, 638nm, 532nm, 520nm, 450nm, 405nm. Power ranges from hundreds of milliwatt to dozens of watts. It is available to assemble with power supply. CW lasers have the features of high stability (internal TEC), various types of packages, narrow linewidth output with wavelength locking. With a wide range of applications: Medical cosmetology, Laser processing, Spectral analysis, Double wavelength measuring, Biology, Laser therapy, Laser-induced fluorescence, PCB processing and manufacturing, Pilot light, Pumping source and more.

Package Type R3 R3-G
Center Wavelength(nm) 808 915 940 808 976
Optical CW Output Power / Pop(W) 20 30 30 20 25
Wavelength Tolerance(nm) ±10 ±0.5
Spectral Width / △λ(nm) <6 <0.5
Temperature Drift of Wavelength / △λ/△T(nm/℃) 0.03 0.03
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