GS12 Conduction-cooled Vertical  Stacked Diode Laser Array
GS12 Conduction-cooled Vertical Stacked Diode Laser Array

GS12 series conduction-cooled vertical stacked diode laser array is RealLight’s self-developed laser component for wide-temperature applications. It is high-peak-power, compact and easy-to-integrate.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Part Number RXXX±3-QXXXX-GS12-10*XX
Center Wavelength λc(nm) 796~808
Wavelength Tolerance δλc(nm) ±3
Output power of each Bar(W) ≥200 ≥100
Bar Numbers 1~5
Spaces between Bars(mm) ~0.43
Spectral Width(FWHM)(nm) <6
Slope Efficiency of each Bar (W/A) >1.1
Fast Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) 40
Slow Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) 12
Temperature Drift of Wavelength(nm/℃) ~0.3
Electrical Parameters
Conversion Efficiency(%) >50
Threshold Current Ith(A) <35 <15
Operating Current Iop(A) <220 <120
Operating Voltage Vop of each Bar(V) <2.1
Duty Cycle(%) <0.8
Pulse Width(μs) <300
Repetition Rate(Hz) <30
Environment Parameters
Operating Temperature(℃) -40~70
Storage Temperature(℃) -60~80

Pumping source

Scientific research

Key Features

AuSn solder for packaging

High peak power

High reliability

Multi wavelength integration

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