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Pulse Lasers
RealLight's series of pulse lasers include passively Q-switched microchip lasers, actively Q-switched DPSS lasers as well as high energy solid-state lasers.
CW/QCW Lasers
RealLight's CW/QCW lasers include diode lasers with both narrow linewidth series and multi-function series, as well as QCW diode laser stack.
High Power Lasers
High power state-solid lasers utilizes Reallight’s self manufactured diode laser with high power and fiber coupled as pumping source, MOPA laser utilized Reallight’s self-manufactured MC series sub-nanosecond microchip laser as pumping source.
High Energy Lasers
The high energy solid-state lasers are using xenon lamp as pumping source, which feature large energy and high peak power. These MOPA lasers are combined with RealLights’s self-developed MCD series of sub-nanosecond microchip lasers at 300ps-2ns as seed sources.

Beijing RealLight Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in diode lasers, microchip lasers, high-power/high-energy solid-state lasers.


RealLight has a large engineering team with innovative spirit. Years of accumulation of technology and process precipitation has enabled RealLight to have professional capabilities in the fields of laser design, chip packaging, device packaging and system integration. RealLight has successfully completed a number of scientific and technological innovation projects and model equipment projects, and has obtained multiple qualifications, patents and product certifications.


RealLight has provided many innovative and competitive products to customers in a variety of fields, including analytical instruments, aesthetic medicine, radar ranging and laser processing. RealLight can also provide customized solutions and high quality services to meet customers’ needs.


May RealLight shine upon you!

Erbium Glass Eye-safe Lasers
Er:glass series laser is RealLight’s self-developed, designed, manufactured diode laser pumped passively Q-switched lase…
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