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Pulse lasers
RealLight's series of pulse lasers include passively Q-switched microchip lasers, actively Q-switched DPSS lasers as well as high energy solid-state lasers.
CW/QCW Lasers
RealLight's CW/QCW lasers include diode lasers with both narrow linewidth series and multi-function series, as well as QCW diode laser stack.
High Power/High Energy Lasers
MC series microchip lasers are RealLight’s self-developed, passively Q-switched diode-pumped sub-nanosecond lasers, featuring narrow pulse width, high peak power high repetition rate and multiple wavelengths.
Laser Accessories
ReaLight developed the free-space isolator and rotator, Raman probe, collimators, beam expander, focus lens, laser heat sink and other accessories, which could be assembled in our own pulse or CW laser product lines.

Beijing RealLight Technology Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise specializing in research, development and manufacturing of fiber pigtailed semiconductor lasers, Sub-nanosecond Microchip lasers as well as related laser accessories.


RealLight’s staff consists of a team of laser industry veterans with many years of experience in the diode lasers and Sub-nanosecond DPSS lasers, and a team of optical-electro-mechanical engineers who keep focusing on laser applications to serve mainly medical,Lidar and Ranging as well as spectral industry. The production takes place in RealLight’s own 1000 square-meter clean-room.


RealLight strives to be your reliable and long term laser supplier, manufacturing high-quality products using advanced manufacturing technologies, combined with delivering a high level of customer service, all at a highly competitive price.


May RealLight shine upon you!

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