MCD Series 300ps-2ns Low Repetition Rate OEM Microchip Laser
MCD Series 300ps-2ns Low Repetition Rate OEM Microchip Laser

MCD series microchip lasers are RealLight’s passively Q-switched diode pumped solid-state lasers. These lasers are equipped with compact OEM drive circuits, featuring small size, easy integration, excellent beam quality, stable pulse energy, dual pulse width, etc. RealLight also provides isolators with corresponding wavelengths. Custom lasers with higher energy of 1-2mJ are available upon request.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Wavelength(nm) 1064
Repetition rate (kHz) 0.01
Average power (mW) 6 5 5/5
Pulse energy (μJ) 600 500 500/500
Pulse width (ps) 500 300 300/2000
Power stabilty (8h) ±3%
Beam profile TEM00
Beam full divergence (typ., mrad)  Horizontal @1/e² ≤12 6-7
Vertical @1/e² ≤12 6-7
Polarization ratio P Polarization >100:1 300ps:P Polarization >100:1
2ns:S Polarization >100:1
System Parameters
Supply power voltage 12V 5A
Control interface SMA
Power consumption (W) ≤10
Power dimensions (W×H×L,mm) 68×35×120
Laser head dimensions (W×H×L,mm) 45×30×120  80×36×124
Operation temperature (℃) 15-35
Storage temperature (℃) 0-60

Medical cosmetology
Laser range finding
Laser ablation

Key Features

Pulse width down to 300ps
Pulse energy up to 600μJ
High polarization direction stability
Spatial mode TEM 00
Compact structure and high reliability
Dual pulse width output optional
Red light indication optional

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