Free Space Faraday Rotator and Isolator
Free Space Faraday Rotator and Isolator

Faraday Rotator is an optical device based on the Faraday effect. The linearly polarized light input can be rotated to specified angles, and the direction is only related to the internal magnetic field. Optical Isolator is made of three parts, an input polarizer, a Faraday rotator, and an output polarizer. It is an optical component which allows the transmission of light in only one direction. It is widely used for amplified lasers, mode-locked lasers and optical test instrumentation.

Product Parameters
Product Part No. Wavelength Clear Aperture Rotation Angle @25℃ Extinction @25℃ Transmission @25℃ Damage Threshold @10ns
Rotator RL-ROT-1030-2.5 1030nm 2.5mm 45°±1° >30dB >95% 5J/cm2
RL-ROT-1030-5 5mm
RL-ROT-1064-2.5 1064nm 2.5mm
RL-ROT-1064-5 5mm


Product Part No. Wavelength Clear Aperture Isolation @25℃ Transmission @25℃ Polarizer Damage Threshold @10ns
Isolator RL-ISO-1030-2.5 1030nm 2.5mm >30dB >90% PBS Cube 5J/cm2
RL-ISO-1030-5 5mm
RL-ISO-1064-2.5 1064nm 2.5mm
RL-ISO-1064-5 5mm

Amplified laser
Mode-locked laser
Semiconductor laser
Optical test instrumentation
Optical parametric oscillator

Key Features

High isolation
Low insertion loss
Various clear aperture
Double escape ports
Various wavelength options
Output polarization states adjustable

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