RealLight proprietary diode pump passive Q-switch sub-nanosecond lasers, include MC series of sub-nanosecond Microchip lasers, and solid lasers with diode or flash lamp pump amplifier, which have the features of narrow pulse width, high peak power, high single pulse energy, high repetition rate, various wavelength and more. Wavelength options: 1535nm, 1319nm, 1064nm, 1030nm, 946nm, 660nm, 532nm, 515nm, 473nm, 355nm, 343nm, 266nm, 257nm, 237nm, 213nm. Repetition rate from 1Hz to 100kHz, pulse width from 300ps to 5ns. With a wide range of applications: Eye-safety ranging, Atmospheric monitoring, Underwater imaging radar, Optical Metrology, Material analysis, Biomedicine, Micromachining, Seed lasers and more.

Optical Parameters
Wavelength (nm) 1030 515 343 257
Repetition rate (kHz) 1 1 1* 1*
Average power (mW) 100 40 20 8
Pulse energy (μJ) 100 40 20 8
Pulse width (ps) 1000 900 800 800
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