14SBTF Single Mode Free Space Diode Laser Components
14SBTF Single Mode Free Space Diode Laser Components

The NL series narrow linewidth diode lasers are RealLight’s self-developed wavelength-stabilized lasers,deliver high output power and excellent stability at 532nm, 638nm, 784nm, 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 976nm or 1064nm output wavelengths, with power ranging from 100mW to 800mW.

Product Parameters
Package Type 14SBTF
Center Wavelength(nm) 785 1064
Optical CW Output Power / Pop (mW) 100 150
Wavelength Tolerance (nm) ±0.5 ±0.5
Spectral Width / △λ (nm) <0.1
Temperature Drift of Wavelength / △λ/△T (nm/℃) ≤0.01
Temperature Drift of Current / △λ/△Iop (nm/A) 0.05
Electrical Threshold Current / Ith (mA) 40 40
Operating Current / Iop (mA) 150 210
Operating Voltage / Vop (V) 2
Slope Efficiency / ηes (W/A) 0.9 
PD Parameter / Ipd (μA) <2000
Thermistor Rt (kΩ/β(25℃)) 10±5%/3930
TEC Max Current Imax (A) 2.5
  TEC Max Voltage Vmax (V) 6.3

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Spectrum analysis
Scientific research

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