RealStable® 04BCK Diode Laser Components
RealStable® 04BCK Diode Laser Components

04BCK Diode Laser Components, are featured products of RealLight’s NL product line. With single mode output, these lasers provide low temperature dependence of the lasing wavelength. The extremely small form factor makes them ideal for wearable Raman devices.

Product Parameters
Package Type 04BCK 04BCK-TEC
Center Wavelength(nm) 785 785
Optical CW Output Power / Pop (mW) 100
Wavelength Tolerance (nm) ±0.5
Spectral Width / △λ (nm) <0.1
Temperature Drift of Wavelength / △λ/△T (nm/℃) ≤0.01
Electrical Threshold Current / Ith (mA) 40
Operating Current / Iop (mA) 150
Operating Voltage / Vop (V) 2
Slope Efficiency / ηes(W/A) 0.9 
Thermistor Rt (kΩ/β(25℃)) 10±5%/3450
TEC Max Current Imax (A) 1
TEC Max Voltage Vmax (V) 2.5

Spectrum analysis
Biological detection

Key Features

Compact design
High stability
Excellent reliability

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