Sub-nanosecond Microchip Lasers
Jun. 28, 2024


MC series microchip lasers are RealLight’s self-developed, designed, manufactured, passively Q-switched diode-pumped lasers,also called”micro laser” it has narrow pulse width,from 300ps to 2ns optional. Optional wavelength are 1064nm、1030nm、946nm、532nm、515nm、473nm、355nm、343nm、266nm、257nm、213nm. Repetation rate from 1Hz to 100kHz optional. It utilizes diode laser packing process, intergrating pumping module and laser crystal intergrated with full sealed design.It is compact, easy-to-intergrated laser.This laser system supports internal and external triggering. OEM small size driver board is available for speical industries. It has wide range of applications, including radar ranging, atmospheric monitoring, underwater imaging, scanning mapping, Raman spectroscopy, material analysis, photoacoustic imaging, microprocessing, seed sources and other fields.


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