HQD-FP Series Diode Pumped Q-switched Laser
HQD-FP Series Diode Pumped Q-switched Laser

HQD-FP series lasers are RealLight’s self-developed, passively Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state lasers. HQD-FP series utilizes a split-cavity design, delivering high power, high repetition rate and large energy, with standard wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm. Beam expanders and other customized specifications are available upon request.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Wavelength(nm) 1064 532
Repetition rate (kHz) 2.5 5 7 2.5 5 7
Average power (mW) 1400 2000 2000 750 1000 1000
Pulse energy (μJ) 560 400 280 300 200 140
Pulse width (ns) 3.5 6 8 3 5 7
Power stabilty (8h) ±3%
Beam profile TEM00
Beam divergence, full angle (typ., @1/e², mrad) ≤10
Polarization ratio >100:1
System Parameters
Supply power voltage 12V,>180W
External trigger gated, 5V TTL, drive high to enable laser
Laser head dimensions (W×H×L,mm) 60×39×158
Operation temperature (℃, require air cooling) 15~35
Storage temperature (℃) -20~60

1. Beam expanders are an optional part and are not included by default unless otherwise noted.
2. Temperature control is required for laser head during operation. The temperature of the base plate should be controlled at 15-35℃.
3. As products are constantly being updated, the right of final interpretation of technical specifications or illustrations in datasheet belongs to RealLight.


Laser marking

Laser etching

Laser ablation


Laser internal engraving

Key Features

Repetition rate up to 7kHz

Average power up to 2W@1064nm

Sealed package, high reliability

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