MCM Series High Energy Microchip Laser
MCM Series High Energy Microchip Laser

This series of microchip lasers are RealLight’s self-developed, passively Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state lasers, featuring high energy, good value and low power consumption. The integrated design of diode-pumped module and laser crystal results in the compactness. And water cooling is not required for this laser. This series is also available with miniaturized drive boards for OEM control for applications include LIBS and laser ablation, which is easy to install and integrate, and is suitable for handheld devices.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Part Number MCM-1064-0.1-0.5 MCM-1064-0.01-10
Wavelength(nm) 1064 1064
Repetition rate(Hz) 100 10
Pulse energy (mJ) >0.5 >10
Pulse width (ns) <3 <3
Power stabilty (RMS) <3% <3%
Pump pulse width(μs) ≤250 ≤250
Full angle divergence Typ. (mrad) Horizontal @1/e² 4 3
Vertical @1/e² 4 3
Cooling method air cooling
Laser dimensions (W×H×L,mm) 17×16.1×58.5(customizable)
Operation temperature (℃) 15~35
Storage temperature (℃) -20~60
Driver Parameters
Supply power voltage 24VDC 
Control interface RS-232,I/O
Power consumption (W) 15W(MAX)
Drive board dimensions (W×H×L,mm) 45×34×95
Trigger mode Trigger In/Out

Laser ablation
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
Optical damage threshold testing

Key Features

Pulse width < 3ns

Pulse energy >10mJ

Compact size, no water cooing required

Suitable for handheld devices

Cost effective

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