RealSubns® 1535nm 100~300μJ Microchip Laser  with PIN
RealSubns® 1535nm 100~300μJ Microchip Laser with PIN

RealLight’s 1535nm microchip laser modules with photodetector (PIN) operate in the eyesafe wavelength regime, have great advantages in applications including laser ranging and LiDAR. This series of laser modules are equipped with integrated photodetector(PIN), providing PD output signal, no tail pulse, stable pulse energy and excellent beam profile. The integrated design of diode-pumped module and laser crystal brings convenience to installation and integration due to the compact size.

Product Parameters
Wavelength ( nm ) 1535
Pulse energy (μJ) 100 200 300
Pulse width (ns) 5
Repetition rate (Hz) 10
Operating current (A) 8 10 12
PIN amplitude (V@50Ω resistance) 2-3
Beam full divergence (typ., mrad) 10 8
Beam profile TEM00
Weight (g) 8 10
Dimensions  (W×H×L,mm) 21x8x7 25x8x7
Operation temperature (℃) -40~65
Storage temperature (℃) -55~80

Laser rangefinder
Meteorological radar

Key Features

Integrated PIN, provides PD output signal
Passively Q-Switched, Er:Glass
Extremely light

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