Supporting Plan of Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (TOF)
May. 19, 2023


RealLight offers a series of miniaturized, peak-power 355nm UV micropulse lasers for matter-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry applications.  laser ion sources of other wavelength and higher energy can be customized.



With the further development of mass spectrometry, its application in vitro diagnosis is more and more extensive. Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) is a new kind of soft ionization biomass spectrometry developed in recent years, which is simple and efficient both in theory and in design. At present, it has been effectively applied in clinical testing fields such as microbial identification and nucleic acid detection.


Introduction of theory

Molecular mass is the most basic physical and chemical property parameter of organic compounds. The correct molecular mass often represents the correct structure of the measured organic compounds and biological macromolecules. MALDI-TOF-MS works by dispersing the sample in matrix molecules and forming crystals, and filling the point target. By irradiating the sample with a high photon energy ultraviolet pulse laser, the matrix absorbs energy from the laser, and charge transfer occurs between the matrix and the sample to ionize the sample molecules. The ionized sample flies through the vacuum flight tube under electric field, and is detected according to the different flight time to the detector, that is, the ion is analyzed by the mass charge ratio (M/Z) of the ion is proportional to the flight time of the ion, and the molecular mass of the sample molecule is measured.





Technological features:

Analysis of macromolecules and mixtures directly;

Sensitive and accurate molecular mass measurement ;

Soft ionization technology produces less debris;

low measurement cost, fast test speed;

Easy to combine.


Clinical diagnosis;

Environmental monitoring;

Food inspection;

Animal and plant quarantine.


Microchip laser ionizes biological samples and substrates

The ionized sample is accelerated toward the ion detector


Mass ions arrive to the detector late


Supporting plan:


MCA series micro chip laser                        MCO series energy adjustable micro chip laser 


variety of ultraviolet wavelengths;

Miniaturization, high peak power;

laser welding package, stable and reliable;

OEM laser drive circuit can be customized;

Small difference among batch manufacturing stations;

Note 1:For lasers of other wavelengths and frequencies, please visit our website or customization.

2: We can design customized space output microchip lasers and focusing optical systems according to the working distance and spot requirements.

  typical pulse waveform of 800ps     typical shapes of laser spots 355nm


Application Introduction:

   tissue regeneration techniques                DNA identification                        Bacterial control                         microbiological diagnosis

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