RealLight’s New Products:MCO Energy Adjustable Microchip Laser is on the market!
May. 13, 2021

MCO Laser Product Image


New Released Product:

MCO series energy adjustable microchip laser is launching on the market recently, which is self-developed and produced by RealLight. These lasers have been widely used in laser engraving, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy(LIBS),laser photoluminescence,laser marking,laser capture microdissection,laser-induced fluorescence(LIF),laser mass spectroscopy,ultraviolet microscopy,raman spectroscopy,LiADR,thin film scribing and processing, semiconductor inspection,

photoacoustic imaging,laser remote sensing.


RealLight’s MCO series energy adjustable sub-nanosecond microchip laser, is composed of integrated electronic control module for energy adjustment, photodetector module and laser drive board. This laser features compact design, sealed package, high reliability, plug and play, and energy adjustable by PC control, available in free space output and fiber pigtailed output, with pulse width less than 1ns,peak power up to 100kW,repetition rate variable from 1-200Hz,

photodiode output signal with time jitter less than 100ps.The technical specifications are shown below.


Technical Specifications

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MCO Series Energy Adjustable Microchip Laser Typical Pulse


Beam Profile


Photodetector Output

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