Quasi-Wavelength Diode Lasers_Reallight
May. 24, 2024

RealLight’s AW series multi-function diode lasers provide single-wavelength or multi-wavelength versions with fiber pigtailed output and detachable output. These lasers are equipped with TE cooler, photodiode,thermistor, aiming beam, and fiber detector. The high power configuration provides replacable window.The AW series delivers output wavelengths at 1064nm, 980nm,976nm, 940nm, 915nm, 808nm, 650nm, 638nm, 520nm, 450nm, 405nm, and powers range from 10mW to 45W, are suitable for applications like laser therapy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, PCB manufacturing, aiming beam, pumping,laser processing, etc. Package options include fiber array and fiber bundle are available to address special needs.

Quasi-Wavelength Diode Lasers reallight


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