Principle and advantage of laser engraving
Nov. 16, 2022


Engraving is an ancient art, the general engraving process is carved from the outside, and the laser engraving is carved from the inside of the material to carve the desired shape. Laser engraving technology is currently internationally recognized as the most advanced, the most popular engraving processing method for artificial crystal, glass, acrylic and other transparent materials, it is the pulse laser focus inside the glass body, transparent material will absorb laser energy in a short time and produce micron size of vaporization burst point, through the calculator to control the burst point in the glass body space position, Form a stereo image. Laser engraving technology engrave 3D patterns into transparent materials such as glass, making the image more beautiful and realistic, and the production process does not produce any pollution – no dust, no toxic gases, and no water consumption.


Laser in artificial crystal, glass, acrylic and other transparent hard materials to achieve two-dimensional, three-dimensional dynamic laser engraving, and then through the color lamp in the “inner engraving” image mixed color, the original color of the inner engraving image presented a colorful, dazzling effect, combining sound effect, a perfect “sound and photoelectric” art presented in front of the public. As a special processing technology, laser engraving technology is used in the development of cultural and creative products, which has very important practical significance.


Light up life with laser creativity, integrate laser technology and art for innovative development, which can meet people’s growing material, spiritual and cultural needs. Nowadays, Laser engraving technology in home appliances, kitchenware, mobile phone, lighting, automobile, jewelry, watch, glasses, clothing, winery, glass factory, cosmetics factory, fish tank factory, wedding photo studio, tourism products factory, advertising industry, gift industry, celebrity calligraphy and painting, outdoor display, jewelry jade and other industries have been gradually expanded. After the development of white laser engraving, we has reason to believe that coloring and color laser engraving will make waves in the future application market.


At present, the main light source used in laser engraving machine is 532nm solid pulse laser. Reallight sub-nanosecond micro-slice laser, with narrow pulse width, high repetition rate, high energy, small size and other characteristics, excellent beam quality and pulse energy, to ensure that each pulse can reach the level above the explosion point, and the hit point is small and uniform, making the crafts beautiful and elegant, all angles can enjoy a clear image. The transparent material can be carved inside, applied for crystal, glass, acrylic and other materials.


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