Picosecond Aesthetic Lasers
Mar. 28, 2023


Nanosecond pulse lasers are widely used for aesthetic and cosmetic applications, with pulse width at 8-10ns commonly. Picosecond pulse aesthetic lasers have grown in popularity on the market for recent years, and what’s the difference between picosecond pulse laser and nanosecond pulse laser?


As we know, aesthetic laser for removing freckle and tattoo is a kind of flash pumped solid state laser. Due to the upper level lifetime of Nd:YAG laser crystals, the pulse width is up to hundreds of us without assembling adjustable Q-switches in the solid state lasers. For the laser at this pulse width, its peak power is low and thermal effect is large, so the skin is easy to be burnt. Based on it, pulse width is available to be reduced to 10ns by using electro-optic modulator for Q-switching laser. And then laser peak power is increased by more than 1000 times, while thermal effect is reduced, this is the widely used laser for aesthetics market over the past few years.


But 10ns laser still create thermal effect to skin, and it would possibly cause burnt skin and blister under inappropriate operation. For the mentioned picosecond aesthetic laser in this article, the pulse width is decreased to 300-500ps, which is 20-30 times less than 10ns. At this pulse width, its peak power had been increased by 20-30 times, but thermal effect is lower. The ablative melanin have been broken down, and the destroyed melanin particles will be smaller, and much easier to be catabolized.


Picosecond aesthetic laser is not available to easily utilize electro-optic Q-switched technology anymore, laser with MOPA configuration will be applied. Simply speaking, a precision picosecond pulse seed source goes through flash lamp pumped Nd:YAG laser rods, and energy will be amplified and output like a snowball.


There are not many domestic manufacturers to produce this kind of laser, Beijing RealLight Technology Co., Ltd is one of them, who is available to independently develop and produce lamp pumped nanosecond laser, sub-nanosecond solid state laser based on microchip laser seed source, which is also called picosecond laser seed source, they are widely used in laser aesthetic (picosecond aesthetic) and other laser medical fields based on solid state laser.


Reallight MOPA configuration of picosecond aesthetic laser


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