New Released Products: Er:glass Eye-safe 1535nm laser modules with High repetition rate
May. 27, 2022


RealLight is committed to developing all kinds of different diode lasers and microchip lasers independently. After continuous research and development, high repetition rate 1535nm laser modules at 5kHz and 10kHz were added to our production range recently – the new released products have been conducted under the high and low temperature test from -40 to 65℃, and they are designed for operation in the most extreme conditions over a wide temperature range of 100℃, which are highly recognized by customers.


1535nm laser is also called 1540nm laser, 1534nm laser or 1.54um laser, it is a kind of eye-safe Er:glass laser. The new released high repetition rate 1535nm laser modules at 5kHz or 10kHz are based on single pulse energy laser at 40uJ@1kHz, but have the same size with compact design. After repetitive experiments, they have realized to output single pulse energy more than 10μJ@5kHz or 5μJ@10kHz for a wide range of applications including long-distance range finder, obstacle avoidance radar, meteorological radar, space communications, fuze and more.


Moreover, high repetition rate 1535nm Erbium Glass laser Module is also available to be equipped with photodetector (PIN) or beam expander upon request, so as to provide PD output signal, which supports 40X magnification and optimizes beam divergence less than 0.5mrad.


 High Repetition Rate 1535nm laser module


High Repetition Rate 1535nm laser module with PIN


Mechanical Drawings of High Repetition Rate 1535nm laser module  


Mechanical Drawings of High Repetition Rate 1535nm laser module with PIN


Typical Pulse

PIN signal and amplitude

Beam Profile  

Technical specifications


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