New Product Launch: GS07 Conduction-cooled Diode Laser Array
Jun. 17, 2024


Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product: the GS07 Series conduction-cooled diode laser array. This product represents the latest innovation by RealLight in the field of laser technology, aimed at providing high-performance, multi-wavelength laser solutions across various industries.


The GS07 Series is designed for end-pumped solid-state laser sources, utilizing a multi-wavelength (796/802/806nm) bar configuration. It can accommodate 15 bars, with each bar achieving a power of up to 200W, ensuring outstanding performance and stability. One of the key features of the GS07 Series is its multi-wavelength layout, enabling stable operation of solid-state lasers within the temperature range of -40°C to 75°C, whether in high or low temperature environments. Additionally, the compact packaging of the GS07 Series employs hard solder packaging technology, ensuring high reliability and stability of the product. Customization options are also available to meet specific application requirements.



The GS07 Series multi-wavelength conductively cooled semiconductor laser array finds wide applications including laser pumping, laser illumination, laser processing, scientific research, and more. Its high peak power density and reliability provide strong support for advancements in these fields. The design and performance of this series have undergone rigorous testing and optimization to ensure excellent performance in various application scenarios. Detailed product specifications are shown in the accompanying figure.



In addition to the newly launched GS07 Series, our company has introduced a range of highly diverse and performance-driven stack semiconductor lasers to the market, earning high praise from customers. RealLight’ stack semiconductor lasers are independently developed, designed, and manufactured to be highly reliable and customizable, employing dependable packaging technology and a low thermal resistance design. They achieve high duty cycle and peak power outputs in different forms, support multi-wavelength outputs, wide temperature operation, and can be customized for fast-axis compression. Our full product line accepts customization for wavelengths ranging from 792nm to 818nm and 940nm to 960nm, as well as various structural configurations. These products are mainly applied in pump sources, material processing, laser illumination, medical aesthetics, and scientific research applications.


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