New Arrival-1064nm single mode VBG butterfly diode laser component
Feb. 07, 2024


RealLight has been committed to independent research&development of various types of diode lasers and microchip lasers. Recently, with continuous research and development, 1064nm single mode VBG butterfly diode laser component has passed various technical test, it meet customers’ demand, has been highly recognized by customers.


Output Power: 100mW@785nm


Output Power:100mW@785nm


Existing single-mode lasers include 785nm wavelength in 04BCK and 14SBTF packages with power of 100mW for wearable and handheld small Raman devices. The new arrival 1064nm single-mode product with 14SBTF package, power up to 350mW, has features of compact structure, stable output, high reliability, this wavelength can effectively suppress signal of background fluorescence. Welcome customers to place orders and test this laser.

Parameters of 14SBTF free space diode laser component 


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