Microchip Lasers
Jun. 14, 2024


RealLight’s self-developed microchip lasers are passively Q-switched diode-pumped lasers, including sub-nanosecond microchip lasers,Er:glass eye-safe lasers,diode stack pumped lasers and high repetition rate SLM microchip lasers. RealLight provides these microchip lasers at 1535nm, 1064nm, 1030nm, 946nm, 532nm, 515nm, 473nm, 355nm, 343nm, 266nm, 257nm and 213nm output wavelengths, with repetition rates from 1Hz to 100kHz and pulse width from 300ps to 5ns. The laser diode packaging technology and integrated design of diode-pumped module and laser crystal bring convenience to installation and integration due to the compact size. These lasers support internal/external triggering and can be equipped with  miniaturized OEM drive boards, are ideally suited for eye-safe ranging, atmospheric monitoring, underwater imaging, Raman spectroscopy, material analysis,photoacoustic imaging, micro-machining, pumping, etc.



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