Microchip Lasers for Time Resolved Raman Measurement Applications
Dec. 07, 2022


With the remote Raman measurement technology,it is available to measure the Raman spectroscopy of the objects in a few meters,which had been practically used in Mars rover.Time resolved Raman spectroscopy utilize the characteristic of pulse response time of Raman spectroscopy,which is slower than rayleigh scattering, but faster than the fluorescence spectral emission.Using the ns-scale laser pulse width and synchronous trigger gating detection,only Raman spectral signal could be collected, while rayleigh scattering and fluorescence signal will be shielded, so as to realize the Raman measurement function.


RealLight actively Q-switched microchip laser features high peak power, narrow pulse width, and single mode output, this new product uses the integrated and actively Q-switched technology to obtain pulse jitter of <1ns, so as to solve 1us pulse jitter problem of passively Q-switched sub-nanosecond microchip laser. Together with the detectors which have high speed gating in nanoseconds(Like ICCD), the microchip laser with low jitter can complete the nanosecond time resolved measurement experiment, such as time resolved imaging experiment and time resolved Raman measurement experiment.

RealLight Actively Q-switched Microchip Laser


The time resolved Raman detection technology is widely used in the field of remote ore inspection(Mars rover payload),security and defense (explosives and drugs detection),Chemicals(Photochemical catalytic process monitoring),Materials(Synthetic diamond process monitoring).



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