WHA Series Water Cooled Diode Laser Array
WHA Series Water Cooled Diode Laser Array

WHA Series water cooled diode laser array is a narrow linewidth, high peak power diode laser array product developed by RealLight. The WHA series is composed of 3-6 stacks arranged in a linear configuration, with 1-5 bars in each stack, and each bar has a power of 250W. Other powers, wavelengths and packaging forms can be customized.

Product Parameters
  Parameter Unit Rxxx±3-Qxxxx-WHA01-10*4n Rxxx±3-Qxxxx-WHA02-10*6n
Optical Center Wavelength nm 796~808
Wavelength Tolerance nm ±3
Spectral Width(FWHM) nm ≤6
Peak Power per Bar W 100 250
Bar Numbers  of each Stacks1(n) ≤6
Number of Bars 4n 6n
Fast Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM) ° 40
Slow Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM) ° 12
Electrical Threshold Current A ≤15 ≤35
Operating Current A ≤130 ≤260
Operating Voltage of each Bar V ≤2 ≤2.1
Duty Cycle % ≤3
Pulse Width μs ≤300
Repetition Rate Hz ≤100
Cooling Water Flow Rate L/min ≥2
Water Pressure Mpa ≤0.5
Operating Temperature 20~30


1.Depend on the specific structure of the product.
2.Please contact sales representatives for customization for other specifications and packaging forms.
3.The above parameters are measured under QCW mode with pulse width of 300μs and repetition rate of 20Hz at 25℃.


Pumping source
Scientific research

Key Features

AuSn solder for packaging
Compact design
High peak power
High reliability

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