RL-RP Series Raman Probe
RL-RP Series Raman Probe

RealLight’s self-developed Raman Probes, featuring excellent coupling efficiency, wide spectral range and good stability, can be used for laboratory applications, field measurements,etc. Manual safety shutter, different fiber connectors or probes with different working distance are available according to the demands, to effectively complete the measurement of liquids and solids. The RL-RP Series raman probes are compatible with RealLight’s NLMO Series and NLM Series lasers.

Product Parameters
Part No. RL-RP-532-(F/S)S RL-RP-785-(F/S)S RL-RP-830-(F/S)S RL-RP-1064-(F/S)S
Center Wavelength(nm) 532 785 830 1064
Spectral Range(cm-1) 176-4000 176-3500 176-2800 200-3000
Operation Mode Fiber pigtailed
Probe Dimensions(mm) 107x30x13
Filter Efficiency OD6
Working Distance(mm) 7.5
Excitation Fiber 105μm,NA0.22;SMA905 or FC/PC
Collection Fiber 200μm,NA0.22;SMA905
Fiber Length(cm) (100+30)±0.2
Working Temperature(℃) 10-30
Working Humidity 0-75%RH
Key Features

High sensitivity
Compact design
Low loss
Multiple wavelengths available

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