RealStable® AA-2 Series Conduction-cooled  Diode Laser Array
RealStable® AA-2 Series Conduction-cooled Diode Laser Array

AA-2 series conduction-cooled diode laser array is developed byRealLight which is used for wide temperature. Its features include high peak power and wide temperature applications.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Center Wavelength λc(nm) 790-812
Wavelength Tolerance δλc(nm) ±3
Output Power per Bar(W) 100 200
Number of Bars per Stack 8 6
Bar-to-Bar Pitch(mm) 0.43 0.55
Emission Area(mm×mm) 3×21 2.75×21
Stack-to-Stack Pitch(mm) 1
Number of Stacks 2
Spectral Width per Wavelength(FWHM)(nm) ≤6
Fast Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) ≤40
Slow Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) ≤10
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient(nm/℃) ~0.3
Electrical Parameters
EO Conversion Efficiency(%) ≥50
Threshold Current Ith(A) ≤20 ≤30
Operating Current Iop(A) 100 220
Operating Voltage Vop of each Bar(V) ≤2.1
Duty Cycle(%) ≤0.8%@1600W ≤0.6%@2400W
Pulse Width(μs) ≤300
Repetition Rate(Hz) 1-25 1-20
Environment Parameters
Operating Temperature(℃) -40~65
Storage Temperature(℃) -45~85

1. Wavelengths from 940nm to 960nm available upon request.
2. Custom number of bars, bar-to-bar pitch, and stack-to-stack pitch are available upon request.

3. The installation and wiring can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements.


Pumping source

Scientific research

Key Features

Hard solder package

High temperature application

High peak power

High reliability

Dual wavelength integration

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