GS11 Conduction-cooled Vertical Stacked Diode Laser Array
GS11 Conduction-cooled Vertical Stacked Diode Laser Array

GS11 conduction-cooled vertical stacked diode laser array is developed by RealLight independently, it realized to be used in ms-level applications from us-level. This laser component integrates sealed optical windows with dust proof function, which is available to monitor temperature, and can meet with the customers’ applications in different environments.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Part Number R808±10-Q480-GS11-10*4
Center Wavelength λc(nm) 808
Wavelength Tolerance δλc(nm) ±10
Output power of each Bar(W) 120
Bar Numbers             4
Spaces between Bars(mm) 1.65
Spectral Width(FWHM)(nm)        <5
Slope Efficiency of each Bar (W/A) >1.1
Fast Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) 40
Slow Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) 10
Temperature Drift of Wavelength(nm/℃) ~0.3
Electrical Parameters
Conversion Efficiency(%) >50
Threshold Current Ith(A) <15
Operating Current Iop(A) <130
Operating Voltage Vop of each Bar(V) <2
Duty Cycle(%) <2
Pulse Width(μs) <3000
Repetition Rate(Hz) <100
Environment Parameters
Operating Temperature(℃) 20~35
Storage Temperature(℃) 0~55

Pumping source
Scientific research

Key Features

AuSn solder for packaging
High conversion efficiency
High peak power
High reliability

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