GS07 Conduction-cooled Diode Laser Array
GS07 Conduction-cooled Diode Laser Array

GS07 Conduction Cooled Diode Laser Array is a compact multi-wavelength product developed by RealLight for use at high temperatures of 70°C, with up to 15 bars, output power of 150-200W per bar, bar size of 5mm and optional single-wavelength output. Other wavelengths and packaging forms can be customized.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Part Number Rxxx±3-Qxxxx-GS07-5*15
Center Wavelength λc(nm) 796~808
Wavelength Tolerance δλc(nm) ±3
Output Power per Bar(W) 180
Number of Bars 1~15
Bar-to-Bar Pitch(mm) ~0.4
Spectral Width(FWHM)(nm) <5
Slope Efficiency per Bar  (W/A) >1.0
Fast Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) 40
Slow Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)(°) 12
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient(nm/℃) ~0.3
Electrical Parameters
EO Conversion Efficiency(%) >50
Threshold Current Ith(A) <20
Operating Current Iop(A) ≤170
Operating Voltage Vop of each Bar(V) <2.1
Duty Cycle(%) <0.8
Pulse Width(μs) <300
Repetition Rate(Hz) <30
Environment Parameters
Operating Temperature(℃) -40~75
Storage Temperature(℃) -45~80


1. For different specifications, please contact sales manager.
2. Do not operate it beyond normal operating conditions, otherwise, the service life of the device might be shortened.
3. Operating and storage environment must be free of dew.
4. The above parameters are measured under QCW mode with pulse width of 300μs and repetition rate of 20Hz at 25℃.


Pumping source
Laser processing
Scientific research

Key Features

AuSn solder for packaging
Compact design
High peak power density
High reliability

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