905nm 60W Pigtailed Pulsed Laser Diode
905nm 60W Pigtailed Pulsed Laser Diode

These stacked pulsed laser diodes are Pigtailed, offer a wavelength of 905nm with a typical output power of 60 watts. There are 3 stacked emitters using nanostack technology in our 905nm Laser diode. Applications include Laser radar, laser rangefinder, distance measuring, especially use in automobiles and traffic surveillance. For more information, please view our website: en.real-light.com or write emails to: sales@real-light.com

Product Parameters
Parameters Symbol Typical
Peak Power(W) Po 60
Center Wavelength(nm) λc 905±10
Spectral Width(nm) △λ 5
Temperature Drift of Wavelength(nm/℃) 0.28
Peak Current(A) Ip 30
Working Frequency(Hz) F 5000
Pulse Width(ns) tp 200
Threshold current(A) Ith 1
Reverse Voltage(V) Vr 3
Numerical Aperture / NA NA 0.22
FiberCore/CladdingDiameterDcore(μm) Dc/dd 200/220
FiberLength/L(cm) Lf 1
Connector FC/PC
Operating Temperature(℃) Tc -40~+70
Storage Temperature(℃) Tstg -40~+85
Lead Soldering Temperature(℃) Ts 260

Laser ranging
Laser radar
Infrared illumination
Laser warning

Key Features

Fiber coupled output
Built-in pulse circuit available
Standard fiber connector

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