HQE Series High Energy Diode-pumped Solid-state Laser
HQE Series High Energy Diode-pumped Solid-state Laser

HQE series high energy diode-pumped solid-state laser comes with optical pumping based on RealLight’s self-developed high peak power diode-side-pumped laser modules. By optimizing the design of cavity resonator, HQE series delivers high energy, good beam quality, excellent efficiency, high repetition rate and average output power. This DPSS laser is a perfect replacement for flashlamp-pumped lasers and gas lasers, and is widely used in laser processing and medical applications.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters
Part Number HQE-1064-30-2-2-QCW-F600 HQE-1064-30-2-5-QCW- F600
Wavelength (nm) 1064 1064
Repetition rate (Hz) 1~30 1~30
Pulse energy (J) 2@2ms 5@2ms
Pulse width (ms) 0.2~2 0.2~2
Energe stability (RMS) <2 <2
Beam full divergence (typ., mrad)  Horizontal@1/e² 5 5
Vertical@1/e² 5 5
Beam diameter (mm) 3 6
Cooling water cooled water cooled
Output mode fiber output fiber output
Fiber core (μm) 600 600
System Parameters
Supply power voltage 220VAC±5% 50-60Hz
Power consumption (W) 1000
Laser driver dimensions (W×H×L,mm) 482*88*612
Laser head dimensions (W×H×L,mm) 200*92*500
Operating temperature (℃) 20~25

Aesthetic medicine

Laser surgery and therapy

Laser welding

Material processing

Key Features

Long lifetime, easy maintainmence

High conversion efficiency

Excellent energy stability

High repetition rate

Top hat laser beam

Good electromagnetic compatibility

Fiber-coupled or free space output (can be split into multiple fibers)

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