High Energy 1535nm Microchip Laser Module
High Energy 1535nm Microchip Laser Module

RealLight’s high energy 1535nm microchip lasers are ultra-compact diode-pumped Er:glass lasers at an eye-safe wavelength. These lasers deliver high peak power, low operating current, compact size and wide temperature operation, making it ideally for laser rangefinders and analytical instruments.

Product Parameters
Wavelength ( nm ) 1535
Pulse energy (μJ) 1000
Pulse width (ns) 8
Repetition rate (Hz) 5
Operating current (A) 30
Beam full divergence (typ., mrad)  7
Beam profile TEM00
Weight (g) 20
Dimensions  (W×H×L,mm) 40x9x7.7
Operation temperature (℃) -40~65
Storage temperature (℃) -55~80

 Laser range finder

Key Features

Peak power>150kW
No temperature control
Low operating current
Compact size

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