1535nm Erbium Glass Laser Module  With Beam Expander
1535nm Erbium Glass Laser Module With Beam Expander

1535nm Erbium glass laser module with beam expander is an integrated laser module composed of erbium glass microchip laser, beam expander and photodetector (PIN) independently developed by RealLight, which is professionally used in laser ranging, laser remote sensing, lidar and other applications. The R1535-25X series of laser modules are specified to deliver 100-300μJ at 1535nm with divergence angle of 0.5mard, and provide PD output signal, which has the characteristics of small size, high reliability and wide temperature operation.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameter
Wavelength (nm) 1535
Repetition rate (Hz) 10
Output power (μJ) 100 200 300
Pulse width (ns) 5
Pump pulse duration(ms) ≤2 ≤2 ≤2.5
Beam diameter (mm) 7.5 8 8.5
Beam full divergence Typ.(mrad) 0.55 0.5 0.45
Magnification 25X
  System Parameters
Operating current (A) 8 10 12
Operating voltage (V) 1.8
Vibration 5Hz,2.5g
Shock Axial 100g,1ms
Operating temperature (℃) -40~65
Storage temperature (℃) -55~80
Storage relative humidity ≤85%
Operating lifetime (H) ≥5000

Laser ranging

Laser remote sensing


Key Features

1535nm, Eye-safe

Integrated PD

Divergence angle of 0.5mrad

Compact structure

High stability

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