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RealLight’s HQF series sub-nanosecond lamp-pumped solid state lasers are made up of MC series microchip laser, RL-ISO series isolator and lamp-pumped laser amplifier,featuring high energy,narrow pulse width, high stability and excellent beam quality. Available at 1064nm and 532nm with high energy up to 500mJ, short pulse width down to 350ps. HQF series is a cost-effective solution for laser ranging,differential absorption lidar, particle image velocimetry (PIV), laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), laser-based ultrasound detection, laser-induced fluorescence (LIF),tissue ablation,non-linear optics, etc.

Part Number HQF-1064/532-10-350-500/300-P HQF-1064/532-10-500-350/200-P
Repetition rate(Hz) 1~10 1~10
Pulse energy(mJ)
1064nm 500 350
532nm 300 200
Energy stability RMS
1064nm <2%
532nm <3%