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RealLight’s actively Q-switched lasers include AQS series and HQF series, delivering short pulse width, high peak power, excellent beam profile and low timing jitter. These lasers are available at 1064nm and 532nm, with repetition rates range from 1Hz to 10kHz, pulse width down to 2ns and timing jitter less than 3ns. AQS series is diode-pumped, and provides stable performance, making it ideally for applications such as glass subsurface engraving, LIBS or LIDAR. HQF series is flash lamp-pumped with energy up to 1.2J at 1064nm and 600mJ at 532nm, appropriate for applications with a demand for higher energies such as aesthetic medicine, laser ranging, micromachining, etc.

Optical Parameters
Wavelength (nm) 1064 532
Repetition rate (kHz) 1~10 1~10
Pulse energy (μJ)* 100 50
Average power (mW) 1000@10kHz 500@10kHz