WHA Series Water-cooled  Horizontal Array
WHA Series Water-cooled Horizontal Array

RealLight’s WHA series water-cooled horizontal array is comprised of 2-6 pieces of bars arranged into a line.Utilizing the high reliable AuSn solder technology, this product features low thermal resistance, high efficiency and high reliability. The side-pumped laser moulde based on multiple arrays is widely used in the manufacturing of high engergy solid state lasers, and is perfect for applications include national defense, medical treament, aerospace and industrial processing.In addition to standard specifications, other wavelengths and output powers are available upon request.

Product Parameters
  Parameters Unit R808±3-Q1000-WHA01-10X4 R808±3-Q1500-WHA02-10X6
Optical Center Wavelength nm 808 808
Wavelength Tolerance nm ±3 ±3
Spectral Width(FWHM) nm ≤6nm ≤6nm
Peak Power W 1000 1500
Bar Numbers 4 6
Fast Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM) ° 40 40
Slow Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM) ° 12 12
Electrical Threshold Current A ≤35 ≤35
Operating Current A ≤260 ≤260
Operating Voltage V ≤10 ≤15
Duty Cycle % ≤3 ≤3
Pulse Width μs ≤300 ≤300
Repetition Rate Hz ≤100 ≤100
Cooling Water Flow Rate L/min 5 5
Operating Temperature 20-30 20-30

Pump source

Material processing

Laser illumination

Aesthetic medicine

Scientific research

Key Features

Compact design

AuSn solder for packaging

High reliability

High conversion efficiency

High power density

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