High Peak Power Diode-side-pumped Laser Module
High Peak Power Diode-side-pumped Laser Module

RealLight’s high peak power diode-side-pumped laser modules use the self-developed water-cooled linear diode laser array as key component.With 3-phase or 5-phase pumping solution, these modules achieve a high gain and high peak power, and also control the effects of ASE very well. Featuring excellent beam quality, compact design and low thermal effect, these modules are ideally suited for solid state laser manufacturing. In addition to standard specifications, other output powers and special requirements are available upon request.

Product Parameters
Optical Parameters Unit Value
Center Wavelength nm 808±3
Output Power W 3000 7500
Crystal Diameter mm 3 5
Bar  Numbers Pcs 12 30
Light Center Height mm 45 45
Operating Current A 250 250
Operating Volatge V 24 60
Electrical Working Mode QCW
Duty Cycle % ≤10
Pulse Width ms ≤10
Repetition Rate Hz ≤100
Water Flow Rate L/min 7-10
Operating Temperature 20-25
Cooling Coolant distilled water 
Storage Temperature 5-50

Aesthetic medicine

Laser amplification

Laser welding

Material processing

Key Features

High conversion efficiency

Excellent beam quality

Stable and reliable


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