GS2 Series Diode laser Vertical stacks
GS2 Series Diode laser Vertical stacks

RealLight recently released three kinds of Quasi-wavelength stack lasers (AW series). They are GS1, GS2 vertical stacks, and GS3 horizontal minisize stacks. Based upon the high efficient and reliable AuSn sintering technology of bars, and the low thermal resistance packages, in the Quasi-continuous working mode, this series of products realized the high duty ratio and high peak power output. GS1 and GS2 accept to pack 5 bars at the most, and output the peak power up to 1000W. GS2 is available to customize 2 to 10 stacks. GS3 is the most compact size, and available to pack 12 mini-bars at the most, and output the peak power up to 1200W; GS2 and GS3 could customize stack modules with multiple wavelength around 808nm, and realized the wide temperature pump uniformity; and all lines of products allow to customize the wavelength of 940nm. Main applications include: Pumping source, Material processing, Laser lighting, Medical cosmetology, scientific research applications and more. 
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Product Parameters
  Parameters Unit R808±3-600-GS2-3X1 R808±3-1000-GS2-5X1
Optical Center Wavelength nm 808±3 808±3
Spectral Width(FWHM) nm ≤5 ≤5
Duty Ratio % ≤2 ≤2
Peak Power W 600 1000
Quantity of Bars 3 5
Width of Bars mm 10 10
Spaces between Bars mm 0.4 0.4
 Beam divergence of fast axis(FWHM) ° 35 35
Beam divergence of slow axis(FWHM) ° 10 10
Polarization TE TE
Temperature Drift of Wavelength nm/℃ 0.28 0.28
Electrical Operating Current A 200 200
Threshold Current A 25 25
Operating Voltage V 6 10
Conversion Efficiency % 50 50
Environment Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70 -20 ~ 70
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 80 -40 ~ 80

Pumping source
Material processing
Laser lighting
Medical cosmetology
Scientific research applications

Key Features

Sealed package, compact design
AuSn sintering
Available to work under high-temperature
High power density
High reliability

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