AWMO Diode Laser System
AWMO Diode Laser System

Using high performance and single-wavelength diode laser source,AWMO series of diode laser systems includes up to six wavelengths,450nm-808nm-915nm-940nm-980nm-1064nm. Apply the wide wavelengths from Blue to NIR according to different target depth, this makes itan ideal laser source targeted in treatment of melanin, water molecules and hemoglobin. The maximum laser output power is up to 20W. AWMO series of products assembles OEM drive circuit, control circuit, and heat dissipation system. Electrical circuits consist of standard input and output interfaces, which decreases the system failure possibility during the combination of optical and electrical components; It is available to choose internal or external TEC for heat dissipation, and the system stability is highly improved.Additionally, customized specifications are available upon request.

Product Parameters
Center Wavelength(nm) 450 808 9XX 1064
Optical CW Output Power / Pop(W) 4 9 10 20 10
Wavelength Tolerance (nm) ±3,±10
Spectral Width(FWHM) △λ(nm) <4
Temperature Drift of Wavelength /  △λ/△T(nm/℃) 0.3
Aiming Beam Output Power / Pa(mW) 2
Wavelength  /  λa(nm) 650±10
Voltage / Va(V) 2.2,5.0
Options Thermistor, Fiber detector,PD, Internal TEC
Fiber Output Mode Fiber Detachable or Fiber Pigtailed
Fiber Core Diameter / Dcore(μm) 105/125、200/220
Fiber Cladding Diameter / Dclad(μm)
Fiber Length / L(cm) 100±10 (Customizable)
Numerical Aperture / NA 0.22
Connector SMA905、FC/PC
System System components Laser Modules, Drive Circuit,  Heat Dissipation Modules, Switch Power Supply (Optional)
Working Mode CW/Pulse
Modulation Frequency TTL Modulation,Frequency 0-100Hz
Power Modulation 0-5V Analog Signal Power Control 0-100%
Optional Function External TEC
Switch Power Supply (Optional) Drive Circuit:5V Adjustable @25A
External TEC:12V@8A
Heat Dissipation Air Cooled
Operation Temperature 10-30℃

Laser dentistry

Face telangiectasis


Key Features

Integrated laser modules, drive circuit, heat dissipation system and more

Cost Effective

Customization is available upon request, include external TEC, switch power supply and more

Super compact design, easy to integrate

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