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With the years’ experience in electro-optic and laser diode manufacturing field, RealLight is happy to provide more service to our valuable clients besides our good quality products. Our R&D team consists of several engineers who are seasoned in optical-mechanical and circuit design, and are capable to propose a perfect solution to the various demands of our clients.In addition, the strict management and many years’ manufacturing experience of our production lines allow us to satisfy clients’ special needs by our OEM and ODM modules.


Design service
RealLight has been providing design service for optical systems, laser sub-systems, PCB board as well as mechanical and circuit design for many domestic and oversea companies, our design turns your thought into reality to the greatest extent, which can meet your applications at the same time. We are welcome to work with creative people and open to have a brainstorming with you.



OEM service
As a manufacturer with many experienced veterans, RealLight is able to provide OEM service in coupling and packaging diode laser modules, assembling laser systems. As long as provided your practical applications and specific specs, we can also change it into the suitable product you inquired. If there is any suggestion, welcome to contact us for further discussion.


Providing you advanced technologies, high quality products along with our best service, it is always our goal to be your reliable and long term partner!

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